VA Claim

If you are considering filing a VA or negligence claim with the US government, can help.

Whether or not you choose to retain an attorney to help you file your claim, it is always a smart idea to find out as much about the process of filing VA claims in advance. In fact, should be your first stop, even before you contact an attorney.

Why? Because the best and most effective VA claim is the well-prepared claim. Here at www., we explain not only all the steps involved in filing your claim but also explain how to prepare to file-what VA claim forms you need to complete, when and where to complete them, and what documentation you should gather to support your claim, regardless of whether you file the VA claim yourself or retain an experienced VA claim attorney to help you.

Even if you do decide to hire an attorney to help you file your VA claim, you may be required to file the initial claim before you are permitted to hire legal representation. For example, when filing a disability compensation VA claim, you must make the initial application by yourself. Only when you decide to appeal the agency’s initial decision, can you hire an attorney and even then you need to file a form with the VA apprising them of this, so that they are authorized to release any and all information relating to your case.  So it pays to prepare and familiarize yourself with the VA claim process, from start to finish.

The more information you have in advance of filing, the faster and more confidently you can navigate the VA claim system. That includes providing your attorney with each and every pertinent record and evidence that relates to your claim. Here, we recommend that you not only make your best effort to obtain all related records and evidence before you hire your attorney but to also provide them a list of all records you have been thus far unable to obtain, including the provider and all appropriate contact information. A little preparation goes a long way!

As with all litigation, a statute of limitations applies to each claim. It is critical to know in advance not only how long the particular statute of limitations is in relation to your type of claim but also to be certain on precisely what date that clock starts ticking. The last thing you want to find out is that you calculated incorrectly or made an erroneous assumption and you’ve run out of time. There are no extensions. (Well, except in the exceptional case of active military duty).

So, if you are considering filing a VA claim, take a moment to review the website and get up to speed quickly so you can proceed efficiently and effectively. Good luck!